Follow My Life with the Ketogenic Diet

Every day is a journey. I want to share my trials, tribulations, recipes, excercise routine and lifestyle with the ketogenic diet.

Mixing it up!!!

I want to tell everyone about the importance of mixing it up. What I mean by this is is simple. If we do the same diet everyday our bodies will get used to it. Our bodies are very smart. Your body will adjust to what ever calorie/diet you give it. This is why weight plateaus happen. It is important to... Read More!

Day #4 check out my FB

I have been posting live on my FB page. You can click on my FB link, and check out my 5 day fast. I am now at the morning of day#4, and I am feeling great. This is the magic day of fasting, but I remember my first fast…. It wasn’t so magic. Each attempt at fasting gets easier and... Read More!

5 Day Fast with Dr. Pompa

I am starting a 5 day fast today. I follow Dr. Pompa. He has a podcast called Cellular healing. He is leading this 5 day fast, and I am joining him. The benifits of fasting appeal to me. What a great way to start off 2018. I am taking my salt tablets, and drinking water only. I am feeling good... Read More!

I am a badass

Hi there, fellow fat fueled folks. I wanted to share with you my thoughts these past few weeks. I was getting down on myself because my legs still looked imperfect to me. I was feeling a bit down and scared about this website and writing my book. I then started listening to a book- You Are A Badass by Jen... Read More!

Hi From Debbie…

I’m a 50-something wife and mother with a secret super power! I want to share my secret and my method for living a life full of energy, health and clarity. 

It all clicked when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. I hope you will enjoy my recipes, lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts that I’ve discovered on my keto journey. 

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Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 501 week ago
Just made my first pork shoulder(butt)
Dry rubbed with a mixture of salt garlic powder onion powder and oregano. 250 F for 7 hours, 500 F for 10minutes. Pulled pork for awhile! I’m excited!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 501 week ago
Ok..... this meat pie is fantastic
I’m going to make it with less cheese. Trying to cut back on dairy!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 501 week ago
My reverse bob!

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