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This is my ongoing blog about my book, Fat Fueled at 50! Learn about the work that goes into my new book!

To Test or Not to Test?

This is a very interesting topic. Should you test your blood glucose, and blood ketone levels? Ketones take three forms #1 acetone #2 acetoacetate and #3 beta-hydroxybutyrate. The 3rd one is tested in your blood. Acetone is measured in your breath, and acetoacetate is measured in your urine. The blood test is the most accurate.... Read More!

Primal Kitchen products

Starting keto is a life changer. These primal kitchen products are also a life changer. No need to worry about reading the ingredients. Mark Sisson has done all of the work for us. I am a huge fan of everything Mark Sisson. He has perfected the keto diet with these fail-proof products. I dip all of my veggies in the... Read More!

My Improved Keto cabinet

I am thrilled with my new turning trays that I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was struggling finding all of keto necessities. This is just a great idea to help keep all of your supplements in a neat easy to find cabinet. A helpful hint when cleaning out any cabinet, or even a closet is to take everything... Read More!


I had some hip pain.. It was pretty painful. I called it quits at 10 miles. I needed to do primal training longer than 4 weeks. I stopped so that I wouldn’t hurt myself. I’ll be back to my Maffetone training soon. I’m keeping calm, and Keto’ing on.   ... Read More!


Are you wondering what leaky gut is? I have been hearing so much about leaky gut. When the intestinal lining is damaged it increases the permeability of the the inner layer of the intestine. This allows unwelcomed particles to cross the barrier between the intestine and blood stream. Leaky Gut increases your whole body’s immune response because of inflammation, nutrient... Read More!

Ditch the scale

Did you know that the scale is the least accurate measurement of a persons body. The scale does not measure how much muscle vs. fat is in your body. You can gain numbers on the scale, but its not a reflection on what is going on.... Read More!

Keto connect recipe

This pizza crust is found on Keto connect. 3 ingredients. Canned chicken, parmasen cheese and egg. This pizza crust rocked my world. It was so easy, and more importantly delicious. I threw it together so fast. My non Keto hubby loved it. I’m trying so hard to get him on board. ... Read More!

Hi From Debbie…

I’m a 50-something wife and mother with a secret super power! I want to share my secret and my method for living a life full of energy, health and clarity. 

It all clicked when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. I hope you will enjoy my recipes, lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts that I’ve discovered on my keto journey. 

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Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 503 weeks ago
I’m so excited about this Keto coffee!!!!
So easy! Just add hot water!
I’m never traveling without it!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 501 month ago
I ran the STL half marathon today. It was 32 degrees, and my hip locked-up at the ten mile mark:(
I was doing the primal endurance training for tour weeks... Definitely not long enough. I stopped my race at 10 miles. The sharp pain scared me. I’m going to keep up my training, and try again in October.
I’m disappointed, but not discouraged!!!!!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 502 months ago
Hard fought Tennis Match win! Now.... ground beef and 2 eggs. Tomorrow back to my endurance training using Maffetone method.
If anyone wants a full day of eating. Let me know.
I’m trying to cut our artificial sweeteners.... NOT easy.

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