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This is my ongoing blog about my book, Fat Fueled at 50! Learn about the work that goes into my new book!

Ditch the scale

Did you know that the scale is the least accurate measurement of a persons body. The scale does not measure how much muscle vs. fat is in your body. You can gain numbers on the scale, but its not a reflection on what is going on.... Read More!

Keto connect recipe

This pizza crust is found on Keto connect. 3 ingredients. Canned chicken, parmasen cheese and egg. This pizza crust rocked my world. It was so easy, and more importantly delicious. I threw it together so fast. My non Keto hubby loved it. I’m trying so hard to get him on board. ... Read More!

Ketovangilist athlete Podcast

I am loving this podcast. Danny and Brian are fantastic. Thier podcast has rocked my world. I am even switching my Keto to their  more carnivore ways. I am doing more strength training. I have been walking around my house and grocery store with my headphones. I can’t get enough. I am thinking of joining their ketovangilist unlimited group. Here... Read More!

Chasing Ketones

Chasing ketones is a huge problem in the keto world. High ketones is very exciting until you learn that if your ketones are high that means that you’re not using them. Ketones are an energy source that your body will produce when your dietary carbohydrates are low. Your body will burn fat and produce ketones. This is done in the... Read More!


Why I stopped my bullet proof coffee? It is very important to understand lipolysis. This word means the break down/usage of fats. When eating Keto it is very important to eat good fats, and stay away from carbohydrates. Unfortunately there is such a thing as to much fat. trust me I know.... Read More!

The glucose myth

I am so sick of hearing that I need glucose to live. When my friends here about my keto life style, the argument is that I need glucose. I explain that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. There are essential amino-acids( protein). That means that it is essential to consume because our bodies can’t make them. There... Read More!

Flax is bad

Flax isn’t good for you. I have been reading up on Flax. I was using Flax in recipes. I will no longer be consuming any Flax. Flax is a phytoestrogen which increases bad estrogen in your body. There are three different estrogens, and this phytoestrogen compound reduces sex drive, and increases uterine, ovarian, breast and prostate cancer.  I will miss... Read More!

Hi From Debbie…

I’m a 50-something wife and mother with a secret super power! I want to share my secret and my method for living a life full of energy, health and clarity. 

It all clicked when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. I hope you will enjoy my recipes, lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts that I’ve discovered on my keto journey. 

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Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 505 days ago
Hard fought Tennis Match win! Now.... ground beef and 2 eggs. Tomorrow back to my endurance training using Maffetone method.
If anyone wants a full day of eating. Let me know.
I’m trying to cut our artificial sweeteners.... NOT easy.
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 503 weeks ago
I’m so thrilled to be on Jimmy’s podcast. I have learned so much from this man, and all of his amazing books and podcasts.
Thx for all that you do Jimmy!!!!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 503 weeks ago
Starting my primal endurance training for half-marathon. Keeping heart rate below 128!
180 minus my age:)
The podcast and book are fantastic
Thx Brad Kearns

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