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Fifty was more than just another year for me. It was time for a change. I began feeling the aches and pains of getting older and the physical effects of menopause. I was living with disordered eating habits that I had battled for half of my life. I had begun experiencing essential tremors, hand tremors.

One thing I’ve learned over my life is that you don’t have to have a clinical eating disorder to have what I would call disordered eating.

The Ketogenic Guide for the Fifty Year Old

The upcoming book, Fat Fueled at Fifty, is a story that focuses on introducing the ketogenic diet to a fifty-year-old mind and body. I want to share with you the inspirations I had, the lessons I learned, the mistakes I made and the pathway to success in adopting a healing diet that allows your body to actually burn the fat that makes it a more efficient, more beautiful and elegant machine. A fat-fueled machine!

Let me show you how I learned to re-train my body to burn fat instead of surviving sugar. I learned that I could live more healthfully and more fully by providing the right fuel for my body and mind. Imagine the ketogenic diet as the difference between burning fats which could be compared to a slow-burning log as opposed to sugars which are much less efficient – like constantly shoveling unsubstantial, fast-burning dry leaves onto your body’s fire.

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Hi From Debbie…

I’m a 50-something wife and mother with a secret super power! I want to share my secret and my method for living a life full of energy, health and clarity. 

It all clicked when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. I hope you will enjoy my recipes, lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts that I’ve discovered on my keto journey. 

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Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 505 days ago
Hard fought Tennis Match win! Now.... ground beef and 2 eggs. Tomorrow back to my endurance training using Maffetone method.
If anyone wants a full day of eating. Let me know.
I’m trying to cut our artificial sweeteners.... NOT easy.
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 503 weeks ago
I’m so thrilled to be on Jimmy’s podcast. I have learned so much from this man, and all of his amazing books and podcasts.
Thx for all that you do Jimmy!!!!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 503 weeks ago
Starting my primal endurance training for half-marathon. Keeping heart rate below 128!
180 minus my age:)
The podcast and book are fantastic
Thx Brad Kearns

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