I have been so busy tidying up. My friend recommended a book that has changed my life. The book is. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. by Marie Kondo. This book teaches you the correct way to go through all of your Stuff, and only keep the things that bring you joy. I started with cloths. She teaches you to split up cloths into categories. I started with jeans, and then shirts, then coats, and so on. The idea is to get all of your jeans out. pile them on your bed and touch each one. If a pair doesn’t bring you joy….. Out it goes. I continued this with all of my other cloths, and half of my closet was emptied out. Marie Kondo has a youtube on how to fold and store your cloths. Now I can see everything in my closet. I can see everything I have now, and my closet looks like a show room. I am going to continue doing the rest of my house. I went through towels, and cups, and cooking utensils. I have been so busy. I am donating most of my discarded items. This is truly life changing. I have so much energy firing on ketones. I highly recommend this book.