Chasing ketones is a huge problem in the keto world. High ketones is very exciting until you learn that if your ketones are high that means that you’re not using them. Ketones are an energy source that your body will produce when your dietary carbohydrates are low. Your body will burn fat and produce ketones. This is done in the liver. People get confused thinking that the higher ketone level wins. I call this chasing ketone numbers. The fact of the matter is, once you become fat-adapted your body will actually use these ketones, and your blood level of ketones will actually go down. I don’t recommend testing ketones because if your carb intake is low, you can be assured that your producing ketones. When you are first starting a keto diet it might be usful, but again if your carbohydrates are under 20 grams total… not net. You are definitely making ketones. I say save your money, and stop testing. When I started my ketogenic life style I was checking ketones. I wish that I knew then, what I knew now.  I am sharing what I have learned. Go by how you feel, and save the finger sticks. When you are fat adapted you will feel energized, and fantastic.