I grew up eating my grandmothers chopped liver. I have fond memories as a child smelling the cooked onions and liver, and seeing the big grinding machine attached to our counter. I Would turn the crank and watch as my mother put the cooked onions and Liver along with a hard boiled egg. I haven’t had chopped liver in over 30 years.  Liver is a superfood. It is high in Vit B12 Vit A Riboflavin B2,Folate B9, and Iron.  I had no idea how to make it as delicious as I remembered. This year my mom showed me how she did it. Now that I am trying to eat nose to tail. I am thrilled to say how easy it was to make, and my chopped liver came out just as good as I remember. I of course didn’t spread it on a Ritz, but I did use Maria Emmerichs Keto bread, and toasted them to use as my vehicle for this delicious chopped Liver.

First Saute’  Onions with butter. I fried them till soft and tender, and then added the liver. Continue cooking liver and onions until the liver is cooked through.
Then I used a blender to mix together with 6 hard boiled eggs and plenty of salt.