I have been posting live on my FB page. You can click on my FB link, and check out my 5 day fast. I am now at the morning of day#4, and I am feeling great.

This is the magic day of fasting, but I remember my first fast…. It wasn’t so magic. Each attempt at fasting gets easier and easier. First step is becoming a fat burner. That means a ketogenic diet. If you cut out the carbs your body will start burning fat for fuel. I have been keto since June 2016. I wouldn’t be able to fast as a glucose burner.

I have tried many fasts since June, and they all didn’t go well. I find that sodium and magnesium are game changers for me. I take 2mg four times a day. Total 10 mg.
At night around 5pm-6pm I take 2tsp. of Calm. I mix it in warm water, and it is pleasant to drink. Doing these two hacks keeps the cramps away, and hydration regulated. I also drink water throughout the day.
I feel so fantastic this morning of day#4. I can feel the Autophagy happening. “Cleaning house” My body is basically getting rid of damaged cells, and only the strong cells will survive a long fast.

The main reason for my extended fast is for healing. My tremor is better. If anyone wants to follow me on FB. YAY Im here to help. I am going to work on my instagram page.I am 52… so bare with me. My knowledge of social media is lacking, but I am catching on.
Happy Fasting Friends