I have been keto for over a year now. Fasted walking in the morning has been a key role for me. I remember the rat-race days….Always trying to out run a bad diet. I don’t miss those days. I enjoy my early morning walks knowing that my insulin is down, and my growth hormone is up. Walking fasted starts teaching your body how to use fat for fuel. That is how you begin to get fat-adaptive. I have been doing my fasted walk, and pushing off my first meal to as late as possible. I am always prepared with the food that I have ready to go. I leave for work around 9:00am, and I miss my morning bulletproof coffee, but it helps to know that I would rather have my body burn my own fat…. rather then drinking it, and having my body use that fat. This is a huge tip that I have learned the hard way. If I want a bulletproof…. I have one with my first meal, and I make it a 150 calorie bulletproof. 2TBSP heavy cream, and 1 tsp MCT oil. It is enjoyable with my first meal.