I have been tweaking my keto and trying new things, and figuring out what works best for me.I have been hearing great things about being carnivorous, and I have been slowing ditching veggies, and just eating the meats. I feel incredible. I learned about how nutrient dense meat actually is. The fact is that you don’t need veggies to be healthy. Amber O’Hearn Has been plant free for 7 years. I am just starting this, and I will keep you posted, but so far I am loving how great my stomach feels. I am eating fish, pork, beef and lamb. I am cutting out dairy for the first time, and that for me is the hardest part. I was enjoying my keto pizza. Im going to stick to this for 4 weeks, and then I will see how I feel. I am also training for a half marathon using the primal endurance method. I will blog again very soon with my results.I still put 1 tablespoon of heavy cream in my coffee, so that is what I mean by mostly carnivore. I will keep you posted on my progress, but so far so good. My stomach does not miss cauliflower. lol