When I first started Keto in June of 2017 I hardly knew anything except ditch the carbs and stay under 20 grams per day. I was checking my blood glucose and my blood ketones. I was a bit crazed and very confused. When do I check? Why are my ketones so low in the morning? Why is my glucose so high in the morning? How long after I eat should I check.? It was crazy to say the least. I was listening to podcasts every day, and reading all of the books. I found amazing resources, and I have learned soooooo much. I look back in amazement. The most important thing that I have learned was that none of that matters. When you become fat adapted you will use the ketones, so that level doesn’t matter, and glucose can be varied as well. How to tell if you are keto adapted is very simple….. You will forget to eat your next meal. You will have energy and very little hunger.  I am now free of checking, and it is a huge relief. The second most important thing that I know now is the importance of sodium. 21/2 teaspoons every single day. It keeps all of the other important electrolytes in check. I measure it out every single day. I also don’t calorie count and I don’t over eat fat. I only get 75-80 grams of protein per day. Thats approximately two hamburger patties. I don’t eat unless I am hungry, and all of the fat bombs will make you not lose weight. I feel better then ever, and all disordered eating is a thing of the past. Stay calm and Keto on!!!!!!