Hi there, fellow fat fueled folks. I wanted to share with you my thoughts these past few weeks. I was getting down on myself because my legs still looked imperfect to me. I was feeling a bit down and scared about this website and writing my book. I then started listening to a book- You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

I started implementing her advice. I also listened to my favorite podcast 2 keto dudes, and decided to stay calm and keto on. I am going on my 8th month of keto, and still figuring it all out. When to fast, and what to eat. I was getting frustrated at all the different advice, and lack of results. I went back to advice from the book. Stay positive. Picture myself already there. Its basically the same advice as The Secrete. The Secrete…. as in Oprah’s recommended book.

I changed my negative thinking into positive thinking, and also started being grateful for what I do have. I am mostly grateful for my control over food. My new positive thoughts wanted me to share with you how simple mind set can change everything.

I feel like a real Badass…… I can help women change what they are eating. I want to help everyone change their own mindset, and get control over their lives. I don’t count Macros, and I never will. I have been testing my glucose 2 hours after my meals to figure out what to stay away from. Basically everyone has to do this because we are all different. I can help anyone figure out this fatfueled life, and if you want help… I am here. Probably the only free advice out there, so Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.