I recently received an email asking about my diet.
I was thrilled that my website is being read. I am reaching women that came from the fat-phobic era.
I have been tweaking my Keto, and testing my blood glucose every morning. I’ve been nailing the 80’s. I am also writing my book to help women overcome eating disorders. This diet has cured me, and with my tweaking I am losing my unwanted thigh fat. I mix up my intermittent fasting, but when I eat… my diet consists of meat, eggs, and I allow dairy. I eat very little…. if any veggies.
My stomach feels amazing.
I allow heavy whipping cream in my coffee, and put my favorite Primal kitchen mayo on everything. I also lowered my natural sweeteners to a few drops of monk-fruit in my coffee.
That’s it. I stopped my Keto desserts.
I also stop eating by 6 pm. This allows much better sleep.
I always have prepared egg-salad and cooked ground beef in my fridge.
I am a firm believer that carnivore is the way to go.
I still take sodium and magnesium everyday, and I highly recommend Vital proteins Beer Liver supplement.
I also added Vit K-2. Helps get your calcium where it needs to go.
I’m killing it on the tennis courts, and I’m getting pretty lean.
Keto-on ladies.