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This is my ongoing blog about my book, Fat Fueled at 50! Learn about the work that goes into my new book!

Fasted Walking

I have been keto for over a year now. Fasted walking in the morning has been a key role for me. I remember the rat-race days….Always trying to out run a bad diet. I don’t miss those days. I enjoy my early morning walks knowing that my insulin is down, and my growth hormone is up.... Read More!

Break-Fast Pie

This recipe is one of my favorites. I tell all of my clients to make it. Its an easy recipe, and its always ready to go. I make it every week, and can grab and go with it. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go. Brown sausage and bacon. You can use any size baking dish, and... Read More!

Salt Idea

I recommend 2 teaspoons of salt per day. This will keep the Keto flu away. When you ditch the carbs you will lose water and electrolytes. It is very important to supplement with salt. Some people will add salt to your water, and food, but its never enough, and hard to get the correct amount. That is why people starting... Read More!

ONE year Keto

I am one year keto. I started this life style on June 1st 2017. This past year has been the best year of my life. I stopped my bulemia by nourishing my body and brain. It has been a long road to discovering what actually works. I have made mistakes along the way. I ate to much fat, and I... Read More!

Another fantastic meal idea

This is one of the most easy meals that I whipped together in minutes. I got my avocado oil nice and hot, and beat two eggs with a splash of heavy whipping cream. Breaded with crushed up pork rinds. I added some garlic powder and onion powder and salt to the egg mixture. I am still fasted, but I like... Read More!

I’m still carnivore “kind of”

  I recently received an email asking about my diet. I was thrilled that my website is being read. I am reaching women that came from the fat-phobic era. I have been tweaking my Keto, and testing my blood glucose every morning. I’ve been nailing the 80’s. I am also writing my book to help women overcome eating disorders. This diet... Read More!

To Test or Not to Test?

This is a very interesting topic. Should you test your blood glucose, and blood ketone levels? Ketones take three forms #1 acetone #2 acetoacetate and #3 beta-hydroxybutyrate. The 3rd one is tested in your blood. Acetone is measured in your breath, and acetoacetate is measured in your urine. The blood test is the most accurate.... Read More!

Hi From Debbie…

I’m a 50-something wife and mother with a secret super power! I want to share my secret and my method for living a life full of energy, health and clarity. 

It all clicked when I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. I hope you will enjoy my recipes, lifestyle tips, do’s and don’ts that I’ve discovered on my keto journey. 

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Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 502 months ago
Made Keto bread.... cut it up, and pan fried it. Maria Emmerich’s Keto bread recipe.#bestcroutons
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 504 months ago
I’m so excited about this Keto coffee!!!!
So easy! Just add hot water!
I’m never traveling without it!
Fat Fueled at 50
Fat Fueled at 504 months ago
I ran the STL half marathon today. It was 32 degrees, and my hip locked-up at the ten mile mark:(
I was doing the primal endurance training for tour weeks... Definitely not long enough. I stopped my race at 10 miles. The sharp pain scared me. I’m going to keep up my training, and try again in October.
I’m disappointed, but not discouraged!!!!!

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