Are you wondering what leaky gut is? I have been hearing so much about leaky gut. When the intestinal lining is damaged it increases the permeability of the the inner layer of the intestine. This allows unwelcomed particles to cross the barrier between the intestine and blood stream.

Leaky Gut increases your whole body’s immune response because of inflammation, nutrient deficiency, and oxidative stress. If not corrected, over time your body will remain in a chronic inflammatory state. It will cause a Vitamin B deficiency. It also causes malabsorption, where the intestines can’t absorb nutrients. When you have leaky gut toxins and undigested food particles can escape into your bloodstream.

There are a lot of symtoms that happen. #1 gas/bloating #2 food allergies #3 brain fog #4 mood imbalances #5 skin issues (acne) #6 seasonal allergies #7 chronic fatigue. There are 2 tests  for leaky gut, 1) Lactulose/Mannitol test and 2) intestinal antigenic permeability screen.

what causes leaky gut? Gluten, Grains, Sugar, Vegetable oils(sunflower,safflower,canola,soybean)

What heals leaky gut Bone Broth,Grass Fed Butter, steamed Vegetables, Unsweetened coconut milk, Kimchi,Coconut oil, Grass-fed meats, Wild Fatty Fish. Basically being on a ketogenic diet will heal your leaky gut.