Why I stopped my bullet proof coffee? It is very important to understand lipolysis. This word means the break down/usage of fats. When eating Keto it is very important to eat good fats, and stay away from carbohydrates. Unfortunately there is such a thing as to much fat. trust me I know. I was so excited to be able to eat fat-bombs, and keto icecream. I definitely over did it. I stopped losing body fat. I am not trying to lose weight, but I am trying to get leaner, and change my body composition. Lipolysis will happen on keto, but only if you’re not ingesting to much fat. If you consume to much fat, you’re body won’t use it from your body. It took me 8 months on keto to finally become a fat burner. Then I was sabotaging myself by eating to much dietary fat. I still didn’t gain weight which was nice, but I wasn’t losing any body fat. How much should I get? This I am still discovering. My first priority every day is my protein. I make sure that I get an adequate amount. 65grams per day. That is 0.7 grams per lean body weight. Everyone is different. That is approximately two servings of meat. I then add fat to satiety, but I don’t snack on fat-bombs or nuts anymore. I will miss my bulletproof coffee, but I won’t miss my body fat. If anyone has any questions. Please feel free to ask. I have been learning and tweaking my keto for almost a year, and I am feeling amazing, and looking great at 52.