I want to tell everyone about the importance of mixing it up. What I mean by this is is simple. If we do the same diet everyday our bodies will get used to it. Our bodies are very smart. Your body will adjust to what ever calorie/diet you give it.

This is why weight plateaus happen. It is important to keep your body guessing, and switch things up. I personally like the 511 method of mixing it up. 5 days a week I do keto with intermittent fasting. One day a week I eat keto all day long with a small carb at night, and one day a week I will fast for 24 hours. Megan Ramos uses the analogy of a salary.

If you get the same amount every week.. you learn to budget. Then you get a pay-cut, and you have to change your spending. This keeps the body guessing. It keeps your metabolism high, and your plateaus will stop. Basically you can’t do the same thing day in and out.

The full day of eating will remind your body that you are not starving, and you will continue to burn fat as fuel. If you limit your diet for to long your body will store/ hang onto the fat for later.

I like to follow the 5-1-1- method. Every Saturday I eat all day. No intermittent fasting. On Sunday I will fast until 9:00 pm. Monday through Friday I will eat from 2:00-6:00. This definitely varies with my life style.

If you want to hear Megan talk about this. She is on Fasting Talk podcast with Jimmy Moore, and her new podcast with Dr. Fung is called the obesity code. These Podcasts are fantastic. I have gained so much knowledge listening to the experts. Megan coaches patients about this for years. She has seen it all.