I am discovering the power of Primal endurance training. This method of training is also known as MAF… Maximum aerobic function, or Maffetone formula. The formula is 180 minus your age.
I started two weeks ago, and I am already running faster at my max heart-rate. I always wear a heart-rate monitor, and I don’t go above. At first I felt silly, but I am loving how much better I feel and look. I am running a half- marathon in April. I will keep you posted. The aerobic training is burning fat instead of glucose, or glycogen. I am listening to the audible book on primal endurance training while I am running. The podcast is fantastic too. I really like Brad Kearns. He is an awesome rapper too. The book says to train for 6 months, but I didn’t realize that when I signed up for my race. I was so excited about this new training method. I can’t wait to see if I run faster then my previous half’s. I have run over 10 half marathon’s, and two full marathons. I alway break 2 hours in my half’s, and I don’t  ever plan on doing another full. I will definitely keep everyone updated. I am running fasted in the morning, and doing 3 miles on my work days, and 7 miles on my day’s off. It takes me 90 minutes to run my 7 miles, but I am definitely  getting faster. I started reading the book and got so excited that I signed up for the race… then I read that I should give myself 6 months to train. Ooooops. My diet is strict keto, and mostly carnivore, but I allow some dairy. I also discovered Altra running shoes. I will blog about them too.