This is a very interesting topic. Should you test your blood glucose, and blood ketone levels? Ketones take three forms #1 acetone #2 acetoacetate and #3 beta-hydroxybutyrate. The 3rd one is tested in your blood. Acetone is measured in your breath, and acetoacetate is measured in your urine. The blood test is the most accurate. When you have been in ketosis for a long time your body will learn how to use them so efficiently that the urine readings could go down, and you get a false negative reading. The blood glucose for beta-hydroxybutyrate is the most accurate. I have very strong opinions on weather or not you should test. In the beginning of this diet There is no reason to test. You just need to muscle through, but as you get fat-adaptive you will need to change things, and figure out what your own body is sensitive to. I was eating to many nuts for example. I tested 2 hours after my meal, and my glucose was 100 mg/DL.This told me that I should not eat nuts. The goal is to get your blood glucose to 80-95 mg/DL. It is very helpful when you are not getting the results that you want. Sometimes its a mystery and blood glucose testing can help you figure out what is going on. I also can’t eat a lot of cheese. Testing can be a huge tool, but it can also drive you crazy. remember that it is just a snap-shot in time. It can also look high after exercise, so only test 2 hours after a meal. I just started testing after being keto for almost one year. I needed to figure out how much dairy has been affecting me. I strongly think that testing is a great way to figure out your very own keto. Testing ketones will be another topic. The best machine is the Abbott Precision Xtra. It will test both glucose and ketones. Ask questions… i am happy to help.